Sandy Grove Middle School Fall and Spring Sports


For the fall and spring semesters of the 7th grade and

fall and spring semesters of the 8th grade,

the student must pass at least 4 of the following courses: Language Arts, Math,

Science, Social Studies and Physical Education. If a student is not taking Physical Education during a semester, an elective

the course can count toward meeting this requirement.

  • Students who attend school in person will be allowed to change out in the locker rooms.

  • Home online students must arrive for practice between 3:35p and 3:45p DRESSED for practice.

  • All students must bring his/her own drink for practice and must wear a mask at all times.

  • A current physical needs to be in hand or on file with the school

  • Parents will need to pick students up promptly at 5:15pm daily.

  • Any questions please contact Sandy Grove Athletic Director- Mitchell Coe

All students must have a physical on file at the school or bring a copy of a physical to the first day of tryouts for the sport.

Safety protocols will be followed to keep all athletes and coaches safe during this time. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Face Mask

  • Bringing your own water bottle

  • Being dressed for practice upon arrival

  • As of now, there will be NO spectators for games this includes parents.

Athletic Schedules

Sandy Grove Middle School

Volleyball Schedule


Date Opponent Release Time Start

Thurs Sept. 8 JAMBOREE 3:15 4:15

Thurs Sept 15 @West Hoke 3:00 4:15

Mon. Sept. 19 @East Hoke 3:00 4:15

Thurs Sept 22 Carver 3:15 4:15

Mon Sept 26 @ Spring Hill 2:30 4:15

Thurs Sept 29 @ Anson B 1:30 4:15

Mon Oct 3 Rockingham 3:15 4:15

Thurs Oct 6 Cordova 3:15 4:15

Mon Oct 10 Hamlet 3:15 4:00

Thurs. Oct 13 Anson O 3:15 4:15

Mon Oct 17 Ellerbe 3:15 4:15


Head Coach: Jasmine Emanuel

Sandy Grove Middle School

Girls Track Schedule


Date Place Release Time Start

Sept. 20 Hoke High School 2:45 4:15

Sept. 28 Scotland High School 2:15 4:30

Oct. 4 Hoke High School 2:45 4:15

Oct. 12 Scotland High School 2:15 4:30


Head Coach: Tawanaza Woodson

**Athletes must run in 2 of 3 regular season meets to participate in the Conference meet**

Sandy Grove Middle School

Football Schedule


Date Opponent Release Time Game time

Wed. Sept 14 Jamboree 3:15 5:00

@ Hoke High

Wed.. Sept. 21 @Anson 1:15 4:15

Wed. Sept. 28 Hamlet 3:00 4:15

Wed. Oct. 5 Carver 3:00 4:15

Wed. Oct. 12 Spring Hill 3:00 4:15

Wed. Oct. 19 @West Hoke 2:45 4:15

Wed. Oct. 26 @ East Hoke 2:45 4:15

Wed. Nov. 2 Cordova 3:00 4:15

Wed. Nov. 9 Championship (if qualify) TBD

Head Coach:

James Major

Fact Sheets


If you have any questions, please contact Mitchell Coe Athletic Director during school hours.